Friday, January 27, 2012

When life gives you lemons...

Man I really hate that phrase....
First of all, who decided that lemons needed to be bad things?! Lemons are filled with vitamin C which prevents scurvy! And they add excellent flavoring to food dishes and I love lemon sorbet! and Lemon bars...Lemons are a perfectly wonderful creation!

Second of all, It's just dumb. That is all. There doesn't need to be a second point. My first point is valid enough. On with my post now...

ab-so-lute val-ue:
|a| = \sqrt{a^2}            The positive real number equal to the given real number but disregarding its sign. Absolute value is always positive or zero, but never negative.

^ This is the real phrase. "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". Think about it, The stupid phrase is trying to say, when tough times come your way take something positive away from it.

I think that in life difficult times are bound to happen! There are always always ups and downs but having a positive outlook helps one get through said tough time and on with life. There is invariably something to learn from every situation in life.

if  a = bad (-) then |bad| =\scriptstyle \sqrt{\,\,} bad^2 

since two negatives make a positive, then bad^2 = good (+) and when you take the square root of the new good, you are left with a positive!!

Personally, I am striving to live my life after the example Jesus set, He took bad and made it good (the absolute value method) and so I have decided to plant this same theory into my life. I am determined to learn and thank God for the junky times as that is a perfect opportunity for Him to shine and bring revelation and give wisdom.

ps: my  mom said a cool thing "Mathematics is an expression of God's perfection". Consider it.

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