Monday, January 9, 2012

Adventures Of This Weekend!

Saturday morning I was awakened by the sound of lions roaring and birds chirping, It was incredible! I felt like I was waking up in an African safari!....and then I realized it was my alarm clock. 7am on a Saturday morning. "sweet, I have no where to be I can just lay here a bit longer" I thought to myself, after a brief moment it came back to me! I had a skype date that I was now 10 minutes late to!

To my excitement, my dear friend Eva (from Germany) was still online.
(Eva and I walking around Dresden, last year just before Christmas)
We had so much fun talking and catching up. Can't wait to go back and visit!

Not but an hour after Eva and I hung up, Sara was pulling up to my house to pick me up for a hike! Two of our other friends, Lindsay and Jacquie came along too!

(Left to Right: Sara, Lindsay, Jacquie, Me)
The hike was a blast! It was a pretty easy one, with just mild off-roading excitement down the side of the mountain, but it was so great to just hang out and chat with friends.

After the hike Sara and I hit up the Counter, a burger restaurant, to satisfy our cravings =)

Our post lunch time activities consisted of painting the interior of my house,(we got most of the stairwell down and the upstairs hallway) and attending our Friend, JP's band's show.
They are so good!
(JP and I with water bottles in our back pockets)

This afternoon I had the privilege of accompanying Lindsay and Angie on a wonderful bike ride along the beach!
Linds and Ang have this list of 52 exciting things they want to do this year, and #1 on their list was to ride a tandem bike. So today we did that!
(pics stolen from their blog)

(Angie and Lindsay on their Tandem bike, How cute are they?!)

(The three of us. We made it to Huntington, YAY!)

(Beautiful sunset, with Catalina Island in the distance)
Thank you God for amazing friends and beautiful scenery to enjoy their company in. Seriously, You did a FANTASTIC job creating the Earth. I feel so lucky to know the worlds best artist!! xoxo

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  1. You biked ALL THE WAY to Huntington??? You gals are seriously my heroes.

    Sounds like you had a really great weekend. Love all the pictures! :+)