Friday, January 27, 2012

Funny thoughts

I was in my anatomy lecture today and we were talking about blood and the different types of blood and what having a positive or negative Rh means. We also talked about the nutrients in blood and how blood caries many of the nutrients around to your organs and what not.

I guess it's important to know that while the teacher is teaching I am usually listening intently while simultaneously having 939483 other thoughts inside my head. So when I heard him talking about our blood absorbing the nutrients and transporting it to other places I was thinking "man it's a good thing food tastes good" which lead me to think "I bet God created food to taste good" ---> "man it's a good thing he gave us taste buds or else it wouldn't matter..." ---> "oh my goodness! God giving us taste buds and making food taste good is like how we put little kids medicine in ice cream, or try to disguise veggies, He wanted to make sure that we got the proper nutrients our bodies need so he disguised them in delicious foods!" and Then of course I had to laugh at myself for getting all that from learning about blood. But I'm for realz serious about this. I bet that's what he did.

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