Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Heart!!

Today in my anatomy and physiology class we were going over tissues in the body. We learned about the different types of tissue and their jobs and we just really briefly went over Cardiac Muscle Tissue.

wow! Cardiac Muscle Tissue is found only in your heart. It's cells are joined end to end and the resulting fibers are branched and interconnected in complex networks. 

This is just a model of the heart but look how intricate it is!

This is a close up of Cardiac Muscle Tissue.
You can see the fibers there and the cells.

The heart works involuntarily, meaning you don't have to tell your heart to pump. It just does, It can even work if there is no nerve impulses! It's incredible how the heart was designed in such a perfect way. Blows my mind!

I sat there in class and my jaw nearly dropped in amazement! It's so beautiful how we were so perfectly designed and created. Every time I learn something new about the human body I become more and more impressed with my creator!

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