Monday, January 9, 2012


Lately I've been thinking a lot about the way I live my life and comparing it to the way I'd like to live my life. Some goals I have and what not...but I've realized that for me, and I think for others too...we need three key things: Faith, Courage, and an Active mentality.

Faith - Life without faith is like a cannon ball without a cannon! It just sits there. In church the other week ago we talked about happiness vs. joy. Happiness is an emotion you feel when something in life is going your way. When you are having fun or when something good happens. But Joy is something you can feel even in dark times. It's a deep happiness straight from God that keeps you going no matter what you are going through. It's like a higher level of happiness that comes from Jesus Christ!

And that brings me back to faith, Having faith in God that he will take care of you and feed you with that joy and he will guide your path helps you to live life with courage!

Courage - Life is scary and hard, so you have just got to have courage to enjoy it! If you come at every circumstance with courage and fearlessness you will be able to live in a much more active way!

Active vs. Passive - If you have big dreams and God fills you with passion and desires, but all you do is sit and think about them...well then you are just a bump on a log. Things don't change when you are just THINKING about wanting change. Peoples lives don't get touched when you are just THINKING about reaching out. My point is, dreaming and planning is nice, but in order to make a difference one needs to move! Give God a little something to work with! Think about it. If your car is parked in the garage and you want it to be parked on the street, it's a lot easier to get it there when the engine is on and it's rolling backwards. All you have to do is steer! But if the car just sits in the garage with the ignition off....well then it's just a parked car.

That was a pretty crap example, my apologies, but it made so much sense in my head.

and that concludes my thoughts for this evening.
School starts tomorrow, and I am so nervous! I'm like a little girl!! Sooo, I'm going to sleep so I can not think about being nervous anymore. hehe Goodnight!

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