Saturday, December 31, 2011

China on my mind

Well, I can't sleep. And of course it's Chinese orphan babies that are occupying my mind. I made the mistake of going on the Maria's Big House Of Hope website and saw pictures of my little babies wearing santa hats and antlers and my heart filled with joy! I love those babies and I'm so sad that I can't adopt them all. But if you have the ability to adopt one or more, I strongly encourage you! The babies need families to love them and take care of them forever.

Seriously, how adorable are those little faces! AH!
 It was so great to see how much some of the kids have changed and grown up, even in just 9 months! I'm glad I could still recognize them at least. I know that the majority of people reading this blog are not in a position to adopt, but please at least take some time to pray for not only the kids, but for the staff running Maria's Big House Of Hope, and for adoptions to go smoothly. 

I'll be back.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Patagonia is calling my name!

So, this is me...

...And this is Sara...

...And we've been BFF's since...

...We were this little.

And as you can see by our attire, we've been prepared for adventure since practically infancy. A few months ago we started planning this trip around the world to celebrate our college graduations. We had decided that we'd think about it and decide our top destinations. Sara suddenly got all excited and began to tell me all about this documentary called "180 degrees south" about a guy who ventured down to patagonia. After she finished summarizing the documentary she firmly stated that we had to go there.
 So a few days later i watched this documentary and decided immediately that she was correct. Patagonia most definitely had to be one of our destinations!
This is Patagonia!
(the dude in the documentary also stopped in Easter Island and I wouldn't mind doing that as well)

It's in South America and OH MY GOSH is it gorgeous!!
We have only 2 years until graduation, and much training to do in order to be able to climb the mountains down there safely.

Therefore, we are planning a trip this summer to backpack around yosemite. It will be one of our biggest adventures yet, but only the beginning! =D

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Year

Last December I was In Herrnhut, Germany getting jazzed about Christmas by going to Christmas markets with two of my roommates, Bethany and Eva.

Last Christmas I was Celebrating the birth of Jesus in Dresden, Germany with Eva and her wonderful Family. We ate lots of sweets and drank lots of tea and enjoyed the gentle fall of snow while sitting inside chatting and enjoying each others company.

Last years Christmas Card ;)

And last new years I was on a plane to China with these beautiful people!

It's so crazy to think about all that has happened in this last year, All that God has taught me and the ways I've changed. Although this year I enjoyed my family time immensely, I couldn't help but miss my sweet friends from Germany and my amazing China team. 


The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.
C. S. Lewis

With everyone focusing so much on the future these days I fear that the majority of earth's citizens are missing out on the present. So, I decided to create a blog where the present receives just as much glory as the future. 

I've often wondered where the line is laid. When does the present miraculously morph into the future? I've finally realized that the future is only a second away. It's simply much more satisfying for a dissatisfied person to focus on where they will be 5 years, maybe even 10 years forward. A bored 16 year old can't wait to be 21 and drink, a young single college girl can't wait for prince charming, and a brand new employee can't wait to climb the ranks. But what is wrong with enjoying where you are at, when you are there? No one really knows what the future holds (except God of course).

Of course, I had to think about all of this because I have always been one of those forward thinkers. I am so bored at home, working, going to school, and living in the same town since I was born (22 years ago). But I do know that God has a huge plan for my life and I wish that the beginning of the plan did not entail me sitting in a class room or staying in America for the time being. 

Picture a roller coaster. I am at the point where the car is slowly climbing up the hill, anticipation is building....but the exciting, belly grabbing drop is still over the top. I can't get there without my chain pulling me up the hill, slow and steady. However, I do know that the higher, more grueling the hill is, the more rewarding the drop will be. Keeping in mind that all good roller coasters are filled with hills and wild twists and turns. I'm ready for the challenge.