Thursday, December 29, 2011

Patagonia is calling my name!

So, this is me...

...And this is Sara...

...And we've been BFF's since...

...We were this little.

And as you can see by our attire, we've been prepared for adventure since practically infancy. A few months ago we started planning this trip around the world to celebrate our college graduations. We had decided that we'd think about it and decide our top destinations. Sara suddenly got all excited and began to tell me all about this documentary called "180 degrees south" about a guy who ventured down to patagonia. After she finished summarizing the documentary she firmly stated that we had to go there.
 So a few days later i watched this documentary and decided immediately that she was correct. Patagonia most definitely had to be one of our destinations!
This is Patagonia!
(the dude in the documentary also stopped in Easter Island and I wouldn't mind doing that as well)

It's in South America and OH MY GOSH is it gorgeous!!
We have only 2 years until graduation, and much training to do in order to be able to climb the mountains down there safely.

Therefore, we are planning a trip this summer to backpack around yosemite. It will be one of our biggest adventures yet, but only the beginning! =D

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