Saturday, December 31, 2011

China on my mind

Well, I can't sleep. And of course it's Chinese orphan babies that are occupying my mind. I made the mistake of going on the Maria's Big House Of Hope website and saw pictures of my little babies wearing santa hats and antlers and my heart filled with joy! I love those babies and I'm so sad that I can't adopt them all. But if you have the ability to adopt one or more, I strongly encourage you! The babies need families to love them and take care of them forever.

Seriously, how adorable are those little faces! AH!
 It was so great to see how much some of the kids have changed and grown up, even in just 9 months! I'm glad I could still recognize them at least. I know that the majority of people reading this blog are not in a position to adopt, but please at least take some time to pray for not only the kids, but for the staff running Maria's Big House Of Hope, and for adoptions to go smoothly. 

I'll be back.


  1. I love that picture of you Becs.

    It's always been a dream--that's only grown deeper-- to adopt from China. Praying God provides a way in His timing!