Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trip around the WORLD!

As you know, Lindsay has joined the movement and so, Sara, Lindsay and I are together planning this massive trip around the world. When I say planning, I mean that we are planning to go, but have no idea all the details yet. This trip won't be going underway until we graduate college. (so about 2 years) BUT we are going to start doing some fundraising soon!

At first we were just going to have a personal adventure trip but then over the course of a few months God started making it very clear to each of us separately that he had a bigger vision for this trip. So now, we are beyond stoked to set out discipling and loving on people all over the world in the name of Jesus Christ. We are all super excited for the way he is already preparing our hearts for this and the lessons we are learning. SO COOL!

So this is us, plus our other friend Jackie 
It will just be me and the brunettes on the trip though =)

A little side update:
Last night I got the pleasure of visiting with some of my friends from my DTS!
Amanda and Matt are on tour with some other organizations and a few bands promoting their non-profit, Pick a Pocket! (Amanda is in the black sweatshirt and matt is on the right) David works with Pick a Pocket too, but is living in San Diego now, He's the guy in the maroon shirt. My friend Josh and I drove down to see them and it was SUCH A GREAT NIGHT! So good to see them! 
Keep them in your prayers they will still be on tour for another month or so! 

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